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Private organisation that sets worldwide voluntary standards fort he certification of good agricultural practice and food safety, including social and environmental standards.
Internet: GlobalG.A.P

Organic label of the EU

Organic label of the EU

Organic label of the EU, compulsory for organic products all over the EU since 01/07/2012.

Download: Further information

BIO Label


Information on the organic food label “BIO”, issued by the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.
Internet: BIO Label



GFP is member of the German Fruit Trade Association (DFHV – Deutscher Fruchthandelsverband). DFHV represents direct marketing, import, export and wholesale companies as well as large food retail chains. Internet:

BLN Communications

bln communications

Our partner for PR, company communication and translations.
Internet: bln communications

Agiles Software

Agiles Software

Our software partner.
Internet: Agiles Software