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GFP Certified as a Climate Neutral Company

It was officially confirmed on February 24: Global Fruit Point GmbH is certified as a climate neutral company. To offset its CO2 footprint, the company is supporting a reforestation project in Papua New Guinea, thereby helping to preserve the tropical rain forest.

Sustainable climate protection is based on three principles: Avoid unnecessary pollutant emissions, reduce existing emissions and compensate for unavoidable emissions. A company or product is considered as climate neutral if its CO2 emissions have been calculated and unavoidable emissions have been offset by the purchase of emission certificates.

The certification was carried out by ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH, which in a first step had prepared the CO2 balance of Global Fruit Point based on data from 2019. For this purpose, the company's carbon footprint was calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol). In the process, not only CO2 emissions but also other greenhouse gases such as methane and fluorocarbons were taken into account and converted into the global warming potential of CO2 (CO2 equivalents). On the basis of the CO2 balance, Global Fruit Point has identified corresponding saving potentials, defined climate protection goals for the company and determined measures to achieve them.

Recognized climate protection projects demonstrably save greenhouse gases, for example through reforestation or renewable energies, and are monitored by independent organizations such as TÜV, SGS or PwC. The project operators sell emission reduction certificates to finance the projects.

To compensate for the carbon footprint, Global Fruit Point supports a reforestation project in April Salumei, Papua New Guinea, where indigenous people work together to preserve a vast tropical jungle area with countless animal and plant species.

The project in Papua New Guinea supported by Global Fruit Point contributes to several UN goals for sustainable development, including

  • Climate protection – 600,000 ha of rain forest will be preserved by the project, and 400,000 t of CO2 will be saved each year.
  • Education – Promoting literacy and building schools
  • Health and well-being – Improving health care
  • Affordable and clean energy – Solar lights for public institutions and private households

An individual ID number ensures the transparency of the project. Under the following link you can see how much CO2 Global Fruit Point has compensated and which project is being supported:

We have further ambitious climate targets for the future and will probably add still this year at least one climate-neutral product to our range. By buying climate-neutral products, consumers can also make a conscious contribution to climate protection.

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