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Own stand at Fruit Logistica for the 14th time

Managing directors Sven Heinsohn and Matthias Neuel as well as the whole GFP team had many intensive talks with customers, producers and service providers from all over the world and were very satisfied with the outcome of this year’s Fruit Logistica. Having a joint stand at the fair with the company Lührs has already become a tradition and underlines the friendly cooperation between GFP as direct importer of overseas fruit and the wholesaler specialized on regional produce from the growing area “Altes Land”. The GFP stand with its open design and the bright orange accents gave a hearty welcome to the visitors. Also the fruit cocktails that were created specifically for the fair and whose names refer to the most important growing regions in the southern hemisphere were very much appreciated.

The talks at the fair concentrated on the key assortment of Global Fruit Point, especially the broad range of table grapes (the most important item by volume), pip fruit, stone fruit, and citrus. In addition, also berries and some subtropical fruits such as avocados, mangoes, melons, pineapples, papayas, nashis, pomegranates, and ginger are gaining increasing attention. Especially for the so-called “superfoods” – products with extraordinary nutritional properties like, for example, blueberries, avocados, mangoes or pomegranate – the team in Buxtehude expects a strong development in the forthcoming years. Some of these products are far from being niche articles and have become basic items on the supermarket shelves. Apart from that, Global Fruit Point also sees a clear increase in the demand for Fairtrade products and is adapting its sourcing activities to it

Quality management and sustainability were further top issues in Berlin. With the increasing health awareness of consumers, these topics are becoming increasingly important in both fruit growing and food retailing, and also the trade press showed great interest during various interviews at the GFP stand.

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