Our Values

Our Values

We founded Global Fruit Point GmbH in 2006 in the small North German town of Buxtehude. Our office is located in the surroundings of the world-famous fruit production area “Altes Land”, only half an hour away from Hamburg. We started with a team of only four, but soon the company developed so well that the number of staff members has meanwhile increased to eighteen.

We import and distribute fruit from all over the world with a strong focus on overseas produce. We have specialized in direct imports from Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Brazil, and Peru. We closely cooperate with our partners in the producing countries. All producers are personally known to us, and we know most of the farms and plantations from our own experience. All our suppliers are GlobalG.A.P certified and the traceability of all products is absolutely guaranteed.

Our aim is to supply high quality produce directly from the port to the food retail trade and the wholesalers in Germany and Europe. We offer solutions for all kinds of requirements and therefore have a broad range of customers.

Our most important products are overseas fruits, especially grapes, apples, pears, plums, oranges, lemons, kiwifruits, melons, mangoes, avocados, and pineapples. Though we are such a young company, we have longstanding and extensive experience in traditional and organic fruit. Our offer includes conventional and organic produce. In addition, we can fulfil all packaging requirements of our customers and are a competent partner for logistic issues.

Our commitment

Following our motto “A passion for fruit", we consider ourselves as a link between customers and producers. We do everything to maintain longstanding business relationships based on fairness and good value for everybody. The trustful cooperation with the producers/exporters is very important for us. Every year we spend several week travelling to visit them on their farms and in doing so get a personal impression of recent developments in the producing areas.