Responsibility for Alimentation

Our quality promise: We take the responsibility for a balanced diet seriously and have a close look at this issue. Freshness, taste, natural quality, and food safety are the most important characteristics of healthy food. We not only want our fruits to have an attractive outer appearance but also to taste good and be safe.

We promise:

  • Exclusively suppliers with GlobalGAP certification
  • Regular chemical analyses carried out by recognized laboratories
  • Full traceability
Global Fruit Point Services B.V.
Our subsidiary Global Fruit Point Services B.V.

We want utmost transparency for our customers and for the consumers with regard to the origin and production of our fruits. Food safety is a major concern of the food retail trade and the consumers - we guarantee full traceability throughout the supply chain.

Our certifications

As importers and distributors, we are certified according to the following standards:

  • IFS Broker / Higher Level
    The abbreviation IFS - International Featured Standards - stands for a set of food, product and service standards. With the IFS Broker certification, we prove that our work processes are suitable to guarantee the food safety of our fruit while implementing the quality specifications of our customers. The certification is renewed annually.   
    IFS Broker certificate
  • Organic (EU)
    As importers and marketers of organic fruit, we are obliged to comply with the EU organic regulation (no. 848/2018). For this purpose, our company is regularly inspected and certified by the relevant organic inspection body. The EU organic certification attests, among other things, that no synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used in cultivation and prohibits the use of genetic engineering.
    Organic certificate (EU)
  • Organic (Demeter)
    The requirements for Demeter certification go well beyond the guidelines of the EU organic regulation. The fruits and vegetables are grown biodynamically, which means with much stricter guidelines for the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The seeds and planting materials used are as far as possible of biodynamic origin.
    Organic certificate (Demeter)
  • Fairtrade
    The Fairtrade label guarantees fairly grown and traded products. As importers, we undertake to pay fixed purchase prices, and an additional premium is used to finance sustainable community projects on site in the country of origin. In addition, the Fairtrade guidelines take into account other criteria such as fair wages, safe working conditions and environmental protection aspects.
    Fairtrade certificate
  • Rainforest Alliance
    We attach great importance to sustainable supply chains. The Rainforest Alliance label certifies that producers and marketers are working together to improve environmental and social conditions in the growing regions - for a world in which people and nature live in harmony.
    Rainforest Alliance certificate
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody
    The GLOBALG.A.P. CoC (Chain of Custody / supply chain standard) certification ensures that any product offered as GLOBALG.A.P.-certified or bearing the GGN Label actually comes from companies with GLOBALG.A.P. certification.
    GlobalGAP CoC certification

Independent Controls
Global Fruit Point Services B.V.

Constant controls are carried out during the entire process of cultivation, harvest, transport and storage. Immediately upon arrival at the port, we have the fruit inspected for impeccable quality. Quality control, including the corresponding documentation of the results, is the task of our subsidiary Global Fruit Point Services B.V. and independent local quality controllers. Before delivery to our customers we carry out a thorough quality control of the goods to be dispatched.

Furthermore, German food laboratories carry out regular analyses of the produce to ensure that it meets the legal requirements and other criteria.

The Logistic Chain

Transport must be as reliable as production. After harvesting, the fruits are immediately selected, packed, transported by truck to the seaport (rarely: airport), and shipped to Europe without delay. The necessary uninterrupted cold chain is guaranteed the whole way from the farm to the retail shelf. The fruits are transported in refrigerated containers to guarantee during the whole journey a constant temperature according to the corresponding kind of fruit. Upon arrival in Europe our logistic partners receive the fruits in their cool store from where they are transported as soon as possibly by truck to our customers.

GlobalG.A.P Certifications

All partners in the production areas are GlobalG.A.P-certified. This quality assurance system guarantees worldwide standards for agricultural products from sowing to sales. GlobalG.A.P sets standards not only for food safety, but also for environmental and animal protection as well as social issues. For further information see GlobalG.A.P.

Organic Products

Of course, all products of our organic range meet the requirements of the EU regulation (EEC) no. 2092/91 on organic agricultural production.

We keep our promise

Our name stands for quality. For any question regarding product quality and quality assurance measures, please contact us.